Commercial Photo Gallery

Photo is showing a long hallway in a commercial building with air movers (fans) placed all along the walls drying them.

Commercial Building Affected by Water Damage!

This newly built commercial building in Anaheim, CA had a sprinkler system malfunction. The water migrated throughout the apartment complex rapidly. There were many units and several hallways that were affected. We were able to arrive onsite quickly to begin the cleanup and drying the affected materials. After inspecting and determining what materials were wet, we then removed the materials that could not be salvaged and began drying the wood studs and sill plates. We were able to dry and restore this commercial property in no time! The customer was thrilled with the outcome!

SERVPRO drying equipment placed on a commercial job in a hall way

Commercial Water Damage

This Ontario, CA commercial building had their roof collapse causing the building's fire suppression system to crack and spray water throughout the building for several hours. SERVPRO of Garden Grove East/Anaheim Central was dispatched to assist with the water damage. In this photo you can see our drying equipment that we placed in one of the hallways to dry the wet studs after we had to remove some drywall that was water damaged and beyond restoring.

Anaheim Water Damage in Laboratory

This Laboratory in Anaheim reached out to our franchise in a panic due to water gushing out from a broken pipe, affecting multiple rooms. Materials such as carpet, walls, and baseboards were affected. The owner of the business was very worried because he didn't want this to interrupt his everyday business. We assured him that we would handle this and move as quickly as possible to get it dried so that we can get them back to work! Our crew quickly assessed the damage and removing any necessary materials that could not be salvaged, placed equipment and within 3 days, we got all materials dried to goal. The customer was so thrilled!

Photos is showing neatly stacked SERVPRO green air movers and dehumidifiers ready to be placed inside a commercial building

SERVPRO Equipment

Our SERVPRO equipment - ready to handle any large commercial water damage. This Fullerton, CA business had extensive water damage throughout their warehouse. There were multiple rooms with multiple materials such as walls, floors, etc. affected. We needed to dry these materials a quickly as possibly in order for this business to reopen their doors for business. We were able to accomplish this for them and they were completely satisfied with our services.

Photo is showing 2 technicians mopping up water damage in this commercial warehouse.

Commercial Water Damage

SERVPRO of Garden Grove East/Anaheim Central doesn't only handle residential losses, we can handle commercial losses as well. In in this case there was a 20,000 sf warehouse/retail store that was flooded. Luckily for them the Water Damage happened on a Friday so we were able to cleanup and dry down so that they were able to open for business on Monday morning. The customer was thrilled! We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.. making sure we are always SERVPRO Ready for our customers.