Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Photo is showing a man vacuuming and cleaning an attic space

Can't Forget to Clean the Attic After Fire Damage

Fires don't only affect the materials in a home or commercial building but the smoke from the fire may travel throughout the home and cause an unpleasant odor. One of the places the smoke odor may travel to and get trapped in is the attic space since the smoke travels upwards. So we can't forget to clean that very important area as part of our scope of work in ensure that all the trapped smoke in every area is dealt with.

Photo is showing office desks and office chairs with soot from a fire

Office Fire in Anaheim, CA

This office in Anaheim, CA experienced a fire. The fire department had to break a window in order to gain access to the building and fight the fire. You can see the devastating results from the fire on the carpet and the smell of smoke in the building was almost unbearable. We cleaned up the damage and wiped all the walls, hard surfacing etc. and deodorizing the entire office. Once we completed the fire remediation, the office smelled so fresh and clean, Like it never even happened.  

Photo is showing a burned and charred front door of an apartment after fire has damaged it.

Fire Damage

This Fire in a Senior complex in Orange, CA left this door charred and damaged. Thankfully the tenant was uninjured but the inside of his apartment and his contents were left with soot and the smell of smoke damage. Our Franchise was able to remove the terrible smoke odor and remove all the soot from his belongings and make it "Like it never even happened."