Water Damage Photo Gallery

Photo is showing a countertop being held up in place by wood 2 x 4's

We Can Save Your Countertops

Water damage is sometimes bound to happen and sometimes it may affect your expensive or newly purchased kitchen countertops. This customer in Anaheim, CA was very concerned about losing their beautiful countertops but we were able to remove the damaged cabinets below and support their granite countertops and save them for further use. The customer was thrilled that we were able to accomplish this and now they have their beautiful countertops to enjoy for years to come.

Photo is showing plastic containment in a kitchen with drying equipment in place

Containment Used to Expediate Drying

This photo is showing how we sometimes setup plastic containment barriers to help expediate drying. We need to get the affected materials dried as quickly as possible so we setup plastic containment in order to control the air flow directly to the most saturated areas.  

Photo is showing drying equipment, drying a block wall.

SERVPRO Equipment

Our SERVPRO Equipment hard at work! This was an elementary school in Anaheim, CA. The cinder block wall was showing levels of heavy saturation. We used a combination of desiccant dehumidifiers along with XL LGR dehumidifiers and air movers to dry this very dense material. It was dried to goal and the customers were thrilled.

Photo is showing 2 technicians standing next to their SERVPRO green vehicle, wearing full PPE gear


We at SERVPRO of Garden Grove East/Anaheim Central know the importance of safety. That's why we practice safety on every job and provide safety training classes for our technicians. These practices are for the safety of our staff and our customers. SERVPRO Safety-SERVPRO Ready!